Good news for record management now it’s possible to made records and kept them properly through designing the system and apply rules with help of newly published ISO 15489-1. In this part of ISO 15489 there is a main concept and principle for the formation, capture and management of records. It’s good for the number of International Standards and Technical Reports who provide further guidance and instruction for the techniques of creating, capturing and managing records.

Relation with Other ISO Standard with ISO 15489-1

ISO 15489 is designed as a self-contained , However as we know it is the part of family of International Standards and Technical Reports as a aspect of the creation, capture and management of records. these are listed ISO standard and may be consulted for more These are the other related ISO standard may can help for more detailed advice on managing records.ISO 13008, ISO 16175, ISO 23081-1:2006, ISO 23081-2:2009, ISO 30300: 2011, ISO 30301, ISO/1EC27001, ISO/TR 18128.

What is the importance of record management in digital word?

As we know that records are not only the proof of business activity, but also an information possessions. So that the making and management of records is always essential. The main reason of managing records is to create and capture them for the fulfillment of evidence for business activity and by taking proper action to protect their authenticity, integrity and reliability as their business context and requirements for their management with the changing time. Now with the rapidly changing digital world there are lots of additional reasons to create, capture and manage records well: only data depended business, joint and collaborative services, open government initiatives and many more things. We only need to look at the frequency of data management, access and accountability issues to see that the work of managing records is more important than ever!

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