Firstly ISO 22000 is publishing in 2005. Now latest information is come about ISO 22000, it is going to be update in late 2017. Revision of ISO standard is needed, to ensure that it is relevant with the current need of the changing world. Last meeting is held in April month of 2016 in Buenos Aries, Argentina. And next is plan in October month in Paris. Main outline of the revision is; A systematic approach to management, Interactive communication along the food chain, HACCP , Perquisite program.

ISO 22000 is in a Committee Draft (CD) stage and experts are trying to apply high level structure to it, so that it became easier for businesses to integrate more than one management system standards in a time period. Also they will provide new understanding for the different risk based approaches to the users of ISO 22000. And many more would be revised in it.

ISO 22000: food safety management standard help organizations to control food safety hazards. ISO are needed to ensure the safety of the global food supply chain. Risk in Food safety; occur at any phase in the food supply chain. So, it is significant to have adequate control on each step of food supply chain.

A huge number of people in this whole world were experience food related disease. We need to ensure, that food we take is free from harmful bacteria, parasites, viruses, toxins and chemicals. Reducing food safety threats is important to sustain a hygienic environment during the food chain.

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