Service sector is rising faster than the industries. And also the major part of the world economy. Recently ISO focusing on service sector, main motto is to develop standard for services and making sure that they really helpful to the globalization of the services sector. Basically ISO main objective is to reduce global barrier and ensure that it is useful for all; society, government and business.

What type of challenges, standardization faced in the service sector?

According to the recent report of AFNOR, that identifies the following obstacles were faced: changes the way delivering the services i.e. “Business to business”, new business models are look like a collaborative economy, which force service providers to innovate constantly. Technological and organizational complexity is increases; for more customer satisfaction organization need to learn new skill and user-oriented trends; digital technologies affect every field of activity and also provide some tool like “big data” that help in capture and use of data in defining better customer expectation.  Reports also reveal that service providers faced challenges in improving their business performance, and their relationship with supplier’s and their clients

Benefits of using services standard according to the Techno polis group through the survey are follows; service standard are helpful in enlightening the customer satisfaction, providing more transparency in services, in demonstrating better service quality to customer, enlarge market share value, to compare different service offer. Service sector is a biggest part of world economy, ISO standards are important for the service sector in encourage high quality service and build consumer confidence. Standards are helpful for poor services in lesser the business cost and reduce customer complaints. They provide trust, assist agreement with rule and regulation.

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